PCB Assembly

To close the range of end-to-end services, we offer saturation and visual control of printed circuit boards. The service is valid as part of integrated services for hardware design and prototyping and as a separate service.

Applying solder paste:

  • Handheld or automatic Stencil Printer


  • THT components – handheld
  • SMD components – pick & place machine

Soldering is performed:

  • manually for THT components with lead and lead-free solder
  • automatically in a specialized tunnel kiln supporting lead and unleaded soldering

Technological capabilities

  • TSOP, TQFP, SOT, SO, QFN, etc. enclosures
  • work surface: 250 x 250mm for SMD components and no volume mounting limit
  • Minimum size of manipulation elements: 0402
  • Maximum element size to manipulate: no limit
  • average speed of installation of elements: 700 pieces / hour
  • up to 100 positions
  • one-sided installation of SMD elements
  • double-sided mounting of SMD and TH elements
  • items arranged in containers, rolls / strips and sticks

Additional equipment

  • professional soldering stations
  • hot air rework stations
  • professional microscopes
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