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Inteco Instruments is a private Bulgarian engineering company founded in 2005. We have our own resources and capabilities to create electronic modules and devices from idea to product.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide not only conceptual prototype designs, but also fully manufactured products from start to finish.

Our main activity is focused on the development and production of electronic modules and devices for customers working in the automotive industry, consumer electronics, power electronics, industrial control and management, automation, security and access control, as well as customers who offer software products for hardware.


- To be beautiful
- To be useful
- To be reliable
- Keep it simple (in terms of usage)


- Quality
- Transparency
- Trust
- Innovation
- Attention to detail


Our primary goal is to establish a relationship and lasting trust with the customer, not only using the cost factor as a parameter of satisfaction, but satisfying them in terms of the quality of each individual part of the services offered.

We strive to provide efficient, reliable, quality and technological solutions for our customers' technical tasks. We are constantly developing and improving the services and products we offer so that we can adequately meet the growing demands for quality and technology.

Our team

Kaloyan Todorov MESc​



e-mail: k.todorov@intecoinstruments.com​

Branimir Simeonov MESc



e-mail: b.simeonov@intecoinstruments.com​

How we work


We charge a fixed hourly rate, negotiable for larger projects and long-term clients. A fixed rate is negotiated with each client, rather than different rates for different types of work, and time tracking and invoicing are very simple.

This method allows the customer great flexibility as they can change their requirements "on the fly" without having to renegotiate the work with us. This is similar to using in-house staff - we are your temporary development and design resource.

In this case, the client fully bears the risk for the financial value and development of the project. We work closely with the client to manage and/or mitigate this risk.

We divide the project into phases and re-evaluate the plan and the project at the end of each phase. If additional costs arise, we are open and proactive to find a suitable solution. Sometimes the client decides to pay more to achieve a particular result, other times we will suggest changes to the design requirements to limit costs.


On receipt of the technical specification package from the customer and after careful analysis, we formulate our quotation to indicate the time and cost of execution.

In this case, we assume all risks related to delays or cost increases. With this approach, the cost is greater compared to a fixed rate as we have to cover our risks.

The customer MUST provide us with a detailed technical specification package based on which we can build a fair offer.

During the execution of the project, if the client wants to change the specifications, he must provide an update to the specifications, which gives rise to a new proposal.

If the customer is not able to prepare the technical specification package with respect to the project they have in mind, we can also carry out the drafting activities for an additional fee.

Our equipment

We consider the tools and equipment we use as part of the service we offer and the cost is included in our hourly rate.

If it is necessary to use a specific tool or hardware item that is specific to the project, we charge the customer for it, or the customer buys it at his own expense. All this is transparent and clear from the very beginning - there will be no hidden fees!


In the case of long-term collaborations, depending on the accumulated turnover, a number of free visits for a certain period is agreed upon, after which a fee is charged.

However, we do charge a fee to cover our costs for other travel related to your project, for example to an EMC test lab or for site visits. Travel expenses are usually a very small part of the total budget. Good use of modern communication tools minimizes the need for travel.

Access to source files

We only supply the customer with what they really need to produce wherever they want, as many copies as they want and when they want the product they've asked us to design for them, with ownership of the intellectual property (IP) remaining ours.

The reasons for this are:

1. This way we can keep development costs significantly lower while providing everything the customer needs.

If the customer needs more privacy about the use of the IP we have created or wants to purchase exclusivity, we can negotiate with them at any time a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) that protects them or the transfer of the IP in their favor.

2. We can freely use our own schematic symbols, PCBs and software libraries that we have created over years of work without being forced to provide them to the customer (which in that case they would have to pay for). In this case, these libraries will be "hidden" in the overall design, so we can safely use them while remaining free to the client (because they are "hidden" in the project).

IP (Intellectual Property) License

For maximum flexibility and cost optimization, the customer has the option to pay or not to license intellectual property.

There is no IP license fee when the intellectual property remains ours and we manufacture the product that the client has commissioned us to design. In this case, the customer receives only the product in a ready-to-use form and the cost of designing it is low because it only covers labor and material costs.

An IP license is paid when the customer wishes to produce the product himself, in which case we supply all the necessary files for its production. The value of the license is determined depending on the project itself – hardware, hardware and firmware, software, etc. The license is paid at once in full or in the form of an annual fee until paid in full.

Are we good enough to start your project?

Just to give you an idea of ​​our capabilities, we usually handle projects from around EUR 50 to around EUR 50 000. If you're not sure if your project is right for us, just give us a call - we'll be happy to discuss it with you and make suggestions.

We have never disappointed a customer and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work. However, for your peace of mind we have professional insurance cover which can provide you with compensation depending on the project if we act negligently.

Our partners

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