Hardware design

Hardware design
We are developing schematic diagrams and printed circuit boards for
  • Audio Electronics
  • Power Electronics
  • Embedded systems
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Measurement
  • Controls
Hardware development includes:
  • Selection of components and technologies
  • Schematic design
  • PCB Design
  • Generate a list of components
  • Production of prototypes and small series
  • Custom Firmware
  • Manual testing
We can support you in:
  • Research and development
  • Design and simulation of analog and digital circuits
  • PCB design services (multilayer, high mounting density, filled or hidden transitions, controlled impedance)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) design and other compliance requirements
  • Design of power supplies up to 1 kW
  • Pulse transformer design
  • Embedded system design
  • Mobile system design
  • Single-board computer design
  • Modular systems
  • Internet of Things (IoT) product design
  • Smart electronic devices
  • PCB assembly and prototyping
  • Consultations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Built-in firmware development (internally and through our partners)
  • Application software development (internally and through our partners)
  • CE / FCC testing (internally and through our partners – compliance testing)
Product categories

Industrial and Power electronics

Consumer and Audio electronics

Measuring Equipment
Embedded and Modular systems
Battery powered devices
Sensors and Actuators
Wireless solutions and IoT
GPS tracking and positioning
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Hardware development stages

1. Study

  • Defining product and subsystem requirements

2. Preliminary design

  • Selection of basic elements and materials
  • Technology and Methods Research
  • Simulations
  • Pre-define modules and their relationships

3. Schematic design

  • Create libraries
  • Connect components and signals
  • Check for integrity signals
  • Schema simulations
  • Check the scheme

4. PCB layout design

  • Create footprint libraries
  • Manual placement and tracing
  • Design check
  • Generate a list of components
  • Check mechanical requirements

5. Production of printed circuit board

  • Generate gerber files
  • Order and deliver components
  • Organization of production and installation

6. Finalization of the project

  • Revive the board
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Packing and shipping
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