SOM design

System of module design
We offer an integrated service for the design of a complete system. This service includes hardware design, firmware, software, electrical equipment.
We can support you in:
  • Design, construction and installation of low voltage electrical switchboards up to 1000 V
  • Design, manufacture and installation of electrical switchboards for automation – low voltage up to 1000 V

As an example we can give one of our latest projects – Design and construction of an integrated grain management system.

As a result of the whole design process, our client received an intelligent system for managing the processes in the grain depot, built from scratch, including three grain loading points, six halls with five gates for unloading from the conveyor belt, dryer, hopper and an elevator.

A power electrical panel has been designed and built to control all power actuators.

The dashboard is controlled by a microcontroller “smart” module, designed and manufactured by Inteco tools, with all the necessary control logic for start-up, operating and emergency mode.

The visualization of the processes is performed through a mnemonic diagram and in parallel on a personal computer, thanks to the software application developed by Inteco Instruments.

If you are looking for designing and building a similar system or a system according to your assignment, we are here to help you!

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