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From concept, hardware design, firmware, software, construction and integration, through maintenance and machine learning, our integrated end-to-end services support every stage of your product life cycle.
General consultation

Have an idea for a hardware product, technical solution or modernization, but don’t know where to start?

Cost estimation, technical knowledge, know-how, project management, supplies, required resources? Questions whose answers determine the success of the implementation at a later stage.

We can help you get on the right track to minimize costs in the next stages by discussing the idea of ​​its feasibility and applicability through consultation.

Circuit diagram design

Designing an electrical circuit is (not always) the first step in any electronic product.

Using the latest schematic and simulation tools, we transform your concept or idea into a basic circuit diagram.

At this stage of the design process, we consider component costs and availability as a high priority. Where possible, all or parts of the circuit will be simulated to evaluate and test performance before hardware is produced. A list of components and materials (BOM) can then be generated, allowing you to start looking for quotes from your chosen manufacturer.

PCB layout design

We design a printed circuit board according to your specifications and / or provided schematic diagram.

Each PCB design requires a different level of complexity and techniques to verify the design rules. This is considered a high priority in the initial stages of your design to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible design at the lowest production costs.

Your electronic product will start to come to life … We provide 3D images of the final product as standard.

To effectively manage resources and minimize costs when creating a new product, modifying an existing one, or testing an idea, the right step is prototyping. Depending on the stage of the project, the testing can be with a board for making an experimental model, a functional printed circuit board and a printed circuit board in finished form.
Firmware design
Often in modern electronic devices the hardware is built on the basis of a microcontroller, which increases productivity and reduces the cost. We design firmware for most of the currently used platforms.
Software and web application design
The software we design is aimed at solving specific tasks to optimize or automate a process. Software design is part of our integrated services for creating a complete control and automation system.
We assembly printed circuit boards for prototype and small series with components for volume or surface mounting. Save time and money by taking advantage of this service in prototype production.
SOM and engineering
Automate an industrial process, machine or facility to increase the productivity of your business. In combination with our integrated services we design and build unique systems focused on your specific needs.
Electrical services
We provide electrical services for repair and installation of electrical installations and electrical equipment operating at low voltage up to 1000 V. Please note that there is a restriction for these services for clients outside Bulgaria. For more information contact us.
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