PCB layout design

PCB layout design
What we do
  • Check for a ready design
  • Multilayer PCB design – up to 16 layers
  • PCB design with components for volume and surface mount (PTH, SMT)
  • Designs with high speed signals , high density mounting, digital, analog, power electronics and mixed electronics
  • Designs with impedance controlled signals
  • Designs meet the requirements for EMC
  • Fully manual trace of the PCB
  • Flexible and rigid standard or optional PCBs
  • Generate a 3D model
  • Generate production files and documentation

Our 15 years of PCB design expertise allow us to quickly provide customers with complete drawings and Gerber packages if you need a PCB design based on your schematics or you have an existing design, which needs to be changed, or you need a new PCB design, from conceptual diagrams and BOM by creating complete PCB documentation to the production of prototype .


Examples of finished PCBs
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