Our Conditions

Our Conditions

We strive to be objective and serious from the first minute we work with you. This is why we clarify the terms we usually work with here.

Approach and price

We use two methods of operation from which the client can choose preferences:

TIME-based approach

We charge a fixed hourly rate negotiable for larger projects and long-term clients. A fixed rate is negotiated with each client, not different rates for different types of work, and time tracking and invoicing are very simple.

This method allows the client a lot of flexibility, as he can change his requirements “in the development process” without having to renegotiate the work with us. This is similar to using internal staff – we are your temporary resource for development and design.

In this case, the client bears all the risk for the financial value and development of the project. We work closely with the client to manage and / or reduce this risk.

We divide the project into phases and re-evaluate the plan and project at the end of each phase. If additional costs arise, we are open and proactive to find a suitable solution. Sometimes the customer decides to pay more to achieve a specific result, other times we will offer changes in design requirements to limit costs.

PROJECT-based approach

Upon receipt of the package of technical specifications from the customer and after careful analysis, we formulate our offer to indicate the time and cost of implementation.

In this case, we assume all risks associated with delays or increased costs. With this approach, the price is higher than a fixed rate, as we have to cover our risks.

The customer MUST provide us with a detailed package of technical specifications on the basis of which we can build a fair offer.

During the implementation of the project, if the client wants to change the specifications, he must provide an update of the specifications, which gives rise to a new proposal.

If the client is not able to prepare the technical specifications package for the project he is considering, we can also carry out the preparation activities for an additional fee.

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Our equipment

We consider the tools and equipment we use as part of the service we are offering, and hence the costs are included in our hourly rate. If you need to use a specific tool or hardware element that is specific to the project, we charge the client for it, or the client buys it at his expense. All this is transparent and clear from the very beginning – there will be no hidden fees!


We do not charge an on-site visit fee for the first visit ( with some exceptions for clients outside Bulgaria ).

In case of long-term cooperation, depending on the accumulated turnover, the number of free visits for a certain period is agreed, after which a fee is charged.

However, we charge a fee to cover the cost of other trips related to your project, such as an EMC test lab or on-site visits. Travel costs are usually a very small part of the total budget. Good use of modern communication tools minimizes travel needs.

Access source files

We prefer to deliver to the customer only what he really needs to produce, where he wants, how many copies he wants and when he wants the product he wanted us to design, while the ownership of the intellectual property (IP) remains ours.

The reasons for this are:

1. In this way, we can keep development costs significantly lower while providing everything the customer needs.

If the customer needs more privacy regarding the use of the IP we have created, or wants to purchase exclusivity, we can negotiate an agreement with him at any time. non-disclosure of information (NDA) that protects it or the transfer of IP in its favor.

2. We are free to use our own schematic symbols, PCBs, and software libraries that we have created over the years without having to provide them to the customer (who will then have to pay). In this case, these libraries will be “hidden” in the overall design, so we can safely use them while remaining free for the client (because they are “hidden” in the project).

Are we good enough to get started with your project
Just to give you an idea of ​​our capabilities, we usually process projects from about EUR 100 to about EUR 100,000. If you are not sure if your project is suitable for us, just give us a call – we will be happy to discuss it with you. and make suggestions.

We have not disappointed a client and we are proud of the quality of our work. However, for your peace of mind, we have professional insurance coverage, which can provide you with compensation depending on the project, if we act negligently.

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