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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is continuously increasing its importance in all areas of electronics. Regulatory rules are getting tougher. This increases the time and effort in the design process of an electronic device in order to achieve a design that meets the relevant standards. Very important is design to be tailored to the specific requirements right from the start so that unforeseen costs can be avoided at a later stage.

Proper understanding of the EMC can increase the quality of the products offered and, in turn, significantly reduce production costs. In most cases, the understanding of the problem is limited to good protection by adding filters, shielding, multi-layer PCBs, but that only masks the consequences. In some cases, protection will help, but from a global perspective, the effect of this protection is increasing the cost of production and the cost of the device, and the problem is not completely eliminated and is a prerequisite for future unforeseen costs. The right approach is not to fight the consequences but to eliminate the cause.


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