EMC Consultation

EMC consultation
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is constantly increasing the importance of all areas of electronics. Regulatory rules are becoming stricter. Increases the time and intensifies the process of designing an electronic device in order to achieve a design that meets the relevant standards. Very important design must be tailored to specific requirements from the outset in order to avoid unforeseen costs at a later stage.
Proper understanding of EMC can increase the quality of the products offered and at the same time significantly reduce production costs. In most cases, the understanding of the problem comes down to good protection, through additional filters, shielding, multilayer printed circuit boards, etc., but this only masks the consequences of it. In some cases, protection will help, but globally, the effect of this protection is to increase the cost of production and the cost of the device, as the problem is not completely eliminated and is a prerequisite for future unforeseen costs. The right approach is not to fight the consequences, but to eliminate the cause.
In practice

Often in our practice we find the understanding that the way it is designed and implemented the printed circuit board cannot affect the problem and it is solved with a “big” choke at the input of the device. This is wrong and in all designs leads to an increase in the cost of the product. In most cases, the large choke is replaced by a “thin” printed circuit board in the right place, allowing the currents to close a minimum loop on their way from the source to the consumer and back.

Common problem
In the figure you can see the wiring of the printed circuit board and the measurement result. Unfortunately, the problem was solved with additional production costs by adding a choke to the input to power the device and adding two more layers to the PCB.
Solution with “ zero ” cost
In the figure you can see the wiring of the printed circuit board with only a small change – adding a thin printed wire in the right place the problem is solved with zero production costs!
What we offer

You receive our support at the very beginning of the project in the design of schematic and printed circuit board. Minimize the number of design revisions required to achieve the correct design that meets electromagnetic compatibility standards. If you use our services for hardware design , you receive the consultation together with the service and it goes hand in hand with the project until its completion.

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